The KURZ Quality Management System

Quality and innovation for our customers

The KURZ company philosophy is based on three pillars: customer focus, technological leadership and corporate quality. The DIN EN ISO 9001 compliant quality management system we have implemented serves to support this philosophy.

Customer focus as a concept

KURZ has played a decisive role in the development of the hot stamping process from its beginnings. At KURZ, everything has always revolved around our customers. Quality and innovation are of the utmost priority when it comes to hot stamping. Maintaining consistently high quality guarantees lasting partnerships with our customers. Regular market analyzes ensure that market trends are recognized in a timely manner and can be taken into account in product developments. The matching of market information to our technical capabilities is the task of product group teams comprising product managers, developers and production engineers.

Leadership through quality

Only thorough planning and constant monitoring of quality can secure sustained technological leadership. Market requirements, innovation and product quality are embodied within our product development. The manufacturing quality prescribed in the product documentation must be adhered to reliably. That's why we regularly validate all processes, from order receipt to delivery. Automatic monitoring and control processes are used wherever possible. All results are logged without omission and in a reproducible manner. These measures serve not only to meet product requirements, but also to improve quality and our processes.

Service secures trust

Thanks to a continuously expanding program of services, KURZ is able to guarantee its customers reliable and competent service.

Our customer service includes:

  • A comprehensive range of tried-and-proven standard products.
  • Application engineers who support customers with their processing issues/problems.
  • Product management teams specialized in customer applications, that are available as competent contacts for customized solutions.
  • Customer-oriented transport and packaging options.

Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001

The certification of our quality management system to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard comes as a direct result of the implementation of our company philosophy. The QM system we have introduced fulfils an important function with regard to the monitoring and optimization of our operational procedures.

At KURZ, the currently introduced QM system is no cause to rest on our laurels, but rather an obligation and challenge for the future.
The issues of process analysis and continuous improvement always remain timely in an environment involving semi-continuous, chemical processes involving lacquers.